• Sista Locs Installation & grooming
  • Loc extensions
  • Traditional Weaves
  • Locs styling (up-dos)  
  • Hair Replacement
  • Crochet application 
  • Ghana Cornrows
  • Twists Braids
  • Natural Hair Blow Out
  • Wave by Design soft curl
  • Color
  • free maintenance (ask for details) 
  • Hair Included with all braids (optional)                                                                                                                                                                              

                       View criteria below to best suit your needs



Hair Weaves Extensions 

If you want added hair strength, volume, and length, then hair extensions are for you!

We specialize in several types and methods of hair extensions.   You will get long-lasting, non-damaging, comfortable attachment process. Depends on the texture of the hair our Hair Weave applications guarantee three months or less with regular tightening and maintenance.     We offer complimentary consultations to determine the best method for your hair type and condition.









Hair replacement

Some clients have special needs,  Some suffer from chemical damage, thinning, some have complete hair loss.   We are certified professional  in hair replacement services for those with special needs.  All of these areas can easily be remedied.  It is no longer a dream.  Our complete dedication to hair loss will make you feel completely at ease.  We offer private, complimentary consultation. Regardless which style you choose,  No more avoiding  situations like workouts,  swimming  or contact with loved ones to live a complete lifestyle.  Prices depends on density and condition.



Whether your looking for twists braids, individual braids,  Cornrows or protective styles (natural hair styles), from chemical damage or during your transitioning period to give your hair a break from all the stress, we have just the right solution for you. You can choose from our style gallery or just bring in a photo.


Locs & Locs Extensions

If your looking for temporary or permanent  Afrocentric look,  locs are just the right thing for you.   You can start them with your own chemical free natural hair as short as two inches long or if you just simply don’t have the patience for them to mature we offer Loc Extensions with real afro hair which can mature into you own hair without any detection or removal.  We offer them installed as long as 4- 16 inches.  Price depends on size, density and length.












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